Calling Leaders to Join the ALPHA Team

Calling Leaders to Join the ALPHA Team

Joint parishes of St James & St Peters is planning to start an ALPHA Program in Hoppers Crossing. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that create a safe and honest space where people can explore life, faith and meaning. A pilot program is being run for those who would like to be part of the Alpha team that will lead Alpha Programs in our parishes. If you have a heart for Evangelisation and would like to be part of the team, you are invited to an Information Session to be held at St James this Tues 06 Jul at 7pm. For enquiries please contact the Parish Office on 9401 6367.


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As we return to a sense of normalcy, the Piety Stall ministry I seeking to increase the number of volunteers assisting with them.  They are particularly seeking volunteers for the Sun 10:30am and the Sun 5:00pm Masses.

Without volunteers for these two Masses, they are unable to open the Piety Stall after those Masses and items you wish to purchase will have be ordered, paid for and picked up at the Parish Office during the week.


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St James Ministries and Volunteers

As we approach the completion of the extensions at the Church, coupled with the current positive state of restrictions, many of the Parish’s ministries are beginning to gather and resume once more.

With the long break we experienced, many of our Parish ministries are, or will soon be, looking for more volunteers to assist them.

The following ministries are currently specifically seeking assistance:

  • Piety Stall Ministry
  • Music Ministries
  • Cleaning Ministry
  • Vacuuming Ministry
  • Ushers

If you can assist at any of these ministries, please contact the Parish Office this week and enter the details of the Volunteer Induction Meeting into your calendars from Page 1 of this bulletin if you are a new volunteer.

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Thank you to the many volunteers who assisted in packing, sorting and transporting from the four occupied spaces for the upcoming church extension.

Special thanks to our St James Primary School for providing space in the Paulist Centre for temporary worship. To Thomas Carr College for the use of the chapel for our weekday Masses and providing storage space. And to our neighbouring Parish St Peter’s, Hoppers Crossing, for allowing us to store the church pews. Thank you to Brian from PJ Waste for providing the Dumpster and to Brendan McShane for the 6 tonne truck for transporting the church pews.


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Volunteers for New Parish Ministry

With Church Extensions starting Jan 2020, a new Parish Ministry for the Set Up of the Paulist Centre (chairs, altar etc) for our weekend Masses next year, is being formed. If you are interested in more info please contact the Parish Office on 9748 6800 this week.


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Thank you to the many volunteers in our Parish who give of their time, talents and gifts to make our community as vibrant and engaging as it is.

If you are a new volunteer or are considering becoming one, and would like to be involved in one of the ministries at St James, or a current volunteer who has yet to attend our Volunteer Induction, we would like to invite you to the next Volunteer Induction meeting on Wed 06 Nov at 7:00pm-8:30pm.

Serving in a ministry at St James will require you to attend this meeting for induction and all current volunteers are expected to attend a Volunteer Induction.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the community and we seek to support you in all ways necessary to assist you in your service.


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Come & celebrate community with us at our:

Parish Fete Saturday 19 October, 10:00am—4:00pm

To make it a successful event could you assist by:

Stall Helper Volunteers: Complete a Volunteers Form found at the Welcome Desk in the Narthex of the Church this week.

White Elephant Stall: Donations of books, toys and items for the 2nd hand stall (White Elephant) are needed to be dropped off at the Presbytery Veranda this week. Please note strictly no mattresses or large furniture nor any 2nd hand clothing or electrical items.

Cake Kits: Pick up a Cake Kit this weekend for you to create at home and return on the day of the Fete.

Rides and Food Wrist Bands: These will be available after all Masses this weekend.  Wrist Bands are selling for $35 before the Fete and $40 on the day of the Fete.

Plant Stall: Donations of plants for the Nursery Stall will be much appreciated.

Please note, that as usual, due to the clean up after the Fete, the Mass on Sat 19 Oct will temporarily move to 7pm instead of the normal 6pm.

Your generous assistance is what makes our Parish Fete so successful in creating and sustaining our vibrant community. Proceeds of the Parish Community Fete will assist in our Church Extension Project.


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