St James Feast Day Celebration – Reflections


Last weekend on 24/25 July, our Parish celebrated the Feast Day of our Patron Saint, St James the Greater.  Like last year, our celebrations were more subdued than previous years, but were no less meaningful.

Here were some thoughts on the celebration:


A Reflection from those who joined us online:

Covid lockdowns have provided an opportunity for many people of faith to tune in to week-end Mass at a parish other than their own. Today Michael and I decided to attend Mass at St James on YouTube, looking for the comfort of a pastoral leader in Fr Jude and revisiting the western suburbs.

What a treat to find you celebrating your parish feast day of St James. The readings about James and his brother John leaving their fishing business to follow Jesus were so pertinent as I have been doing an Alpha program and thinking so much about discipleship these past few weeks. So I smiled when I heard that St James parish is also embarking on an Alpha program.

But I write mainly to tell you how much we enjoyed and appreciated your presentation on St James the Apostle Parish as a true Christian Community. Some of our old friends from Werribee have been parishioners there for a long time and I know how strongly connected they feel. You expressed so beautifully the importance of looking out for one another, especially in these challenging times, and of everyone pitching in to make things happen. Then you hit on a key point –  sometimes conflict arises in large, lively communities and occasionally people brush up against each other but forgiveness leads to new growth and stronger relationships. It is at the heart of the gospel and even amongst Jesus’ disciples there needed to be give and take.

You painted a lovely word picture of what would have been taking place at St James this week-end were it not for Covid restrictions – the music, young people, food in the parish centre. You are blessed to live in such a wonderful parish …. made all the more so by your faithful and energetic leadership of the Parish Council.

Thank you for making our Sunday special,

Judy and Michael Cain


St Clare’s Primary School Reflects:

Dear Fr Jude and team,

Thanks for the celebration of Mass being live streamed on Saturday night.

At St Clare’s Primary School last Friday we asked students to share what they liked about being a part of the Parish of St James.

Here are some of the students responses:

– The Priests are kind, funny, helpful, understandable, always willing to say hello, really nice;
– We love that we can come to Mass online in lockdown;
– That love and care is shown to all at our parish;
– The church is a wonderful space to be in God’s presence;
– We love that the school and parish work together;
– It is great that the priests take the time to visit us at school;

St Clare’s is truly blessed to be a part of such a vibrant parish. Have a great week.

Stay awesome!

Religious Education Leader.


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A happy Saint James Feast Day to all in our parish community, and to all those who journey with us.

Unfortunately, for the second year in a row, due to COVID, we cannot gather as a community for this special celebration dedicated to our Patron Saint.

Our Feast Day provides us with an opportunity to look back and give thanks for the vision and loving service of our pioneers and welcome those who have recently joined our parish community. It is also a time for us to pause and give thanks, for the struggles and joys of the past and to look forward in hope to our future.

We remember those who for some time were part of the journey with us and have now either died or now form part of other parishes. We remember those who are struggling under the weight of isolation that these COVID lockdowns are imposing on us.

Our patron St James had to learn the importance of servant leadership; Jesus reminded him that he ought not get caught in the trappings of the earthly understanding of rankings, but that serving others is how we are called to love our neighbours. As missionary disciples may we find strength in the zeal James showed in following Christ, and imitate his courage as we continue to spread the faith in these present times.

Please join us for our Feast Day Mass online, which will be live streamed on Sat 24 July at 6pm.  Link will be on the front page of the Parish website ( to either YouTube or Facebook.

On behalf of Fr Silvio and the Parish Council may I take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing love, care and support.

I wish you all a very happy and blessed feast of St James.

Fr Jude Pirotta mssp
Parish Priest.


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St James Feast Day

The Feast of the Patron Saint of our Parish, St James the Greater, will be celebrated on Sun 25 July.

This year our celebration of this Feast Day will focus on the Masses on that weekend (24/25 July).

Due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic and lockdowns, we will not have a St James Parish Feast Day Party this year.

Let us continue to impact our community through word and action like St James did.


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St James Parish Feast Day

This weekend we celebrate our Parish Feast Day in honour of St James the Apostle. We reflect on his missionary zeal and his love for Jesus. May we take up the invitation to be a parish that is missionary-minded, and foster the same spirit of our patron St James.

We can achieve this, I feel, when we are open and willing to become missionary disciples. Our Patron St James had a transformational encounter with Jesus, and chose to surrender and follow Him. It is this model of encounter, surrender and following that we too as parishioners of St James are invited to encounter Jesus through a personal experience of the love and presence of God.

Within our parish we are also given the opportunity to taste and live out the MSSP charism as missionary disciples allowing our entire life to be transformed by this encounter with Jesus.

Hopefully as we journey through this pandemic, longing for our return as the whole body of Christ, we may come prepared and open to make a deliberate decision to follow Jesus Christ as a missionary disciple in the midst of His church.

On behalf of Frs Silvio, Mario and the Parish Pastoral council I wish you all a blessed and joyful St James Feast Day.

God bless you and your families, go gently and safely, Fr Jude.

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St James the Apostle was the great protector of pilgrims possessing a missionary zeal. In his spirit, we hope that all who venture here are made strong in faith and steadfast in hope on this pilgrim’s journey: the path of Christian life.

To James and to his other disciples, Jesus simply said, “Follow me.” This Gospel truth is strikingly simple but sometimes hard to live.

At St James the Apostle Parish, with the grace of God and through the generosity of our parishioners, all are invited to be sustained on the journey. Together, as a community, we step forward and risk the journey of faith as authentic missionaries.

Our lives are full of graced moments. Whether you are a visitor, a recent arrival to the rapidly growing area of Hoppers Crossing North, Tarneit or Truganina, or simply looking for a spiritual home, we are confident that you will find our parish to be an inspirational place where you can enrich your Christian life, and explore and grow in faith. The faith of our Parish community today is sustained through the experience of many humble and faith-filled witnesses who, through their generosity, shine a light in many different ministries as they help us feel the warmth of Jesus. The sacraments we celebrate at St James and these ministries which we offer are signs of a gracious God who never stops revealing himself.

May St James intercede for us today and help us to follow his example. Like him, may we recognize our human limitations, and thus grow in our humility and our loving trust in God who desires to do great things through us and bring us into His kingdom of love and self-giving.

May God bless us all on this day of St James as we continue to build bridges that unite us all to Christ. May we reach out to others with the same missionary spirit of James our Patron. Happy Feast Day to all Parishioners and friends.

Fr Jude and the Parish Council


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Next weekend (Sat 27 July) our Parish celebrates as a community with our annual Parish Party to commemorate our Patron St James the Apostle. Doors open from 7pm-11:00pm in the Paulist Centre. Due to catering requirements:

Parish Party Ticket Sales close this weekend!

Don’t miss out in joining us for community spirit. Please note that tables will not be reserved. Tickets – $35 per adult and $15 per child under 10 on sale after masses and from the Parish Office.

Entertainment includes DJ, Samoan Entertainers and Mr. Balloon Man. Buffet dinner and dessert, tea, coffee and soft drinks provided – BYO other beverages and drinkware – no glassware please.


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You are invited to join us to celebrate the Feast of St James at our annual Parish Party on Saturday 27 July. Doors open from 7pm – 11:00pm in the Paulist Centre.  Join in the community spirit – tables will not be reserved. Tickets – $35 per adult and $15 per child under 10 on sale after masses and from the parish office.  Due to catering requirements – no tickets can be sold after Sunday 21st July. Entertainment includes DJ, Samoan Entertainers and Mr. Balloon Man. Buffet dinner and dessert, tea, coffee and soft drinks provided – BYO other beverages and drinkware – no glasses please.

For a chance to win a Philips 40” TV valued at $400 and a drink Hamper, you can purchase a Key by registering in the Narthex of the Church at all Masses this weekend.


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Congratulations to our winners for the St James Annual Parish Raffle:

1st Prize:       $2000 Travel Voucher—S. Stephanou, Ticket 4083

2nd Prize:      $880 Sony Smart TV—J. Debrincat, Ticket 1905

3rd Prize:       $600 Bunnings Voucher—P. Monkley, Ticket 4691

4th Prize: $500 Coles/Myer Voucher—D. Hili, Ticket 0684

5th Prize $100 Petrol Voucher—E. DiSipio, Ticket 3815

Congratulations also to the winner of the Bar Fridge Raffle with the winning key going to Tony Bonnici.

We express our appreciation to our Raffle Sponsors:

  • Philippine Tours, who donated the 1st Prize of a $2,000 Travel Voucher.
  • Benlor Real Estate who donated the 3rd Prize of a $600.00 Bunnings Voucher.
  • Thomas Carr College who donated the 4th Prize of a $500 Coles/Myer Voucher.
  • The Parish Family who donated the 5th Prize of a Fuel Voucher valued at $100.00.
  • Dicaprio Family Restaurant who donated the Bar Fridge for the Bar Fridge Raffle.

Our Parish Raffle was a huge success, and it would not have been possible without your help.


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All proceeds will remain in the Parish and prizes will go to our Parishioners, their families and friends!

Tickets will be $2 each (book of 10 at $20) and are available from the Narthex after weekend Masses. We encourage you to show your usual support and try to sell Ticket Books for our Parish.

Prizes will be drawn on Sat 22 July at the Parish Dinner.

The Prizes this year are:

1st Prize: $2000 Travel Voucher—your choice of destination (donated by Philippine Tours, 9384 1844)

2nd Prize: $880 55″ Sony Smart TV

3rd Prize: $600 Bunnings Voucher (donated by Benlor Real Estates, 9748 6333)

4th Prize $500 Coles/Myer Voucher (donated by Thomas Carr College, Tarneit, 8734 2444)

5th Prize $100 Petrol Voucher


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