Parish Online ALPHA Registrations Open

We are excited to announce an online ALPHA Program is commencing in our parish starting Monday September 27. ALPHA is a great program with a series of interactive sessions that create a safe and honest space (online or in person) where people can explore life, faith and meaning.

There are limited places available so please register early.

For enquiries please call Felix on 0431 008 563 or email us at [email protected]

To register please fill in the Form by clicking on this LINK.

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General inquiries and dates are published on the parish website. Specific information will only be sent to those who are officially registered on the website:

Once you have registered in any of the programs, the Co-ordinator will keep your expression of interest on file and she will be in touch with you when we have all the details. (make sure your email address is correct at the time of registration)

Guidelines for Registering:
Age for Reconciliation:      Year 3 age 9+
Age for Holy Eucharist:     Year 4 age 10+
Age for Confirmation:       Year 6 age 11+

Please ensure to register for the sacrament you are interested in, filling in ALL fields. Upon registration, you will receive an email advising your registration is successful. Please check your junk mail if you do not receive this email. The Co-ordinator  will email program details for that sacrament when they are ready and published in the Parish Bulletin.


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St James The Apostle