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Dear Parishioners, people have been asking where we stand financially as a parish with the current drop in thanksgiving. The parish contributions over the last few months have dropped significantly. Although this has left the parish in a financially vulnerable position, it is encouraging to note that despite all the hardship, the parish income stands at roughly 60% as compared to last year’s. The graph below, prepared by Angel (our bookkeeper), gives a clear indication of this comparison between March-June of 2019 and 2020.

We thank those who continue to support the parish through the on-line direct debit and credit cards, or by any other means. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the parish office. We understand that not everyone is able to make a financial contribution at this time, but for those who can, we are reaching out to you. All support, moral and/or financial, is very much appreciated at this time, as the parish relies on your encouraging response for its continued functioning.

Thanksgiving or Church Extension
On-line contributions to can be made directly to the Parish Bank Account through an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).
Account name: St James the Apostle Parish
BSB: 083-347
Account Number: 646205822

For Thanksgiving please use your Thanksgiving Envelope number and your surname so we can attribute your donation correctly. Eg: If your Thanksgiving number is 123, and your surname is Smith, then use the reference “123-Smith”.

For Church Extension, please use as reference your surname and -ChExt. Eg: Smith-ChExt.


Presbytery Donation
On-line contributions to can be made directly to the MSSP Hoppers Crossing North bank account:
Account Name: Missionary Society of St Paul
BSB: 083-153
Account number: 869470113
Please use as reference “Presby-” and your surname. Eg: Presby-Smith

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