Take the Way of the Gospel – A Letter from Archbishop Comensoli

On the great feast of Pentecost, Archbishop Peter A Comensoli​ has written to all the faithful of Melbourne, inviting the community into a conversation on how we might discern our common mission for the years ahead. He reflects that the way of the Gospel – the path of missionary discipleship – has always been adapted by every generation to fit the local circumstances. And so now, in our time and place, how might we invite people into the fullness of the Gospel of life, and do so with a renewed sense of vibrancy and vitality?

You can find a copy of his letter HERE.


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Happy Pentecost Good People.

Today as we celebrate this great Feast of Pentecost we welcome Alice, Morteza, Anna and Nancy who embarked on a journey with us last year through the RCIA. They long for the day when after the Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted we can gather to witness and support them as they are baptised and received fully into our community of faith. Joining them we have Nieve, Jarrad and Sharon, along with Chris who cannot be here today, who have begun their journey through the RCIA and will be baptised and received in Easter next year.

Please pray for them as we enter into this great Feast which is seen as the birthday of the Christian Church and the culmination of Eastertide.

It is the day when we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the start of the Church’s mission to the world – a mission to bring people to God.

Prayers of the Faithful

Celebrant: Dear friends, blessed with the gifts of the Spirit, we make the good news known in our words and works of mercy. Let us pray as one for the healing of the world.

Commentator: We pray for the Earth, our common home. May the Spirit of creation stir up in us a fierce love for the world placed in our care.

Commentator: We pray for Christian communities around the world. May Mary, mother of the church, be for all believers a model of life laid open to the Spirit of God.

Commentator: We pray for nations long struggling with poverty, conflict and adversity. May the added threat of the coronavirus call forth a new spirit of active solidarity.

Commentator: We pray for all who have lost jobs and livelihoods in the arts, entertainment and tourism industries. May their hardship be eased by appreciative community support.

Commentator: We pray for students and teachers at every level of the education system. May they manage the resumption of work with wisdom, confidence and enthusiasm.

Commentator: We pray for the RCIA Candidates Alice, Morteza, Anna, Nancy, Nieve, Jarrad, Sharon and Chris. May the Holy Spirit accompany them in using their various gifts especially during this current Coronavirus crisis.

Celebrant: We pray for the ancestors of the Wurundjeri people on whose land we stand, for the recently deceased Pellegrino Corbo, Amber Potter, Juletta Seymon, Giovanni Pisano, Aurora Pascual and Bevan Wilson who passed away recently, Mary D’Souza, Marivic Costales, Michael Grima, Lionel Egbert D’Monte, Magdalena Adriano, Spencer Nagy, Julian Kekesi, Mildred Rodrigues, Natu Portelli, Emy Saffarese, Jeff Ruthvern, Ron Gamble. May they be raised up in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Closing Prayer :

Celebrant: God of all grace, you never cease to renew us in spirit. Free us from fear and self-concern and set us on the path of joyful love. We ask this through Christ, our risen Lord.

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Dcn Royden is leading a Pentecost Experience session to celebrate the great feast of Pentecost. The session will be held on Sat 30 May starting at 7:00pm over the ZOOM platform and consists of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Praise & Worship, Scripture Reading, Video, Reflections, Silent reflection and Benediction. The session can be accessed on ZOOM:

Direct Link:

or by entering:

Meeting ID: 828 4668 6914
Password: 543198.

It will also be LIVE on the parish Facebook Page. Come and join us to prepare for  the feast of Pentecost and to experience the renewed out-pouring of the Holy Spirit. Enquiries Dcn Royden on 0426 071 375.

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Today’s first reading, from the Acts of the Apostles (2:1-11), locates the imparting of the Spirit on the Jewish feast of Pentecost, a pilgrimage feast celebrated fifty days after Passover.

In biblical tradition, wind and fire signal the presence and power of God, as when Israel stood before God at the foot of Mount Sinai. What is described here seems to be a central fiery mass from which distinct ‘tongues’ (‘as if of fire’: not real fire!) separate off and come to rest on individuals.

During his earthly life, the Spirit rested only upon Jesus (Luke 3:21-22; 4:14). Now, as he promised (Luke 24:49), it comes down upon the disciples, gathered with Mary his mother, who are now to be his witnesses—in first instance to Israel, eventually ‘to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8).

The multi-nation variety of people who hear and understand the testimony of the apostles in their own language foreshadows this worldwide mission. In many languages the Church will communicate the single message of God’s reconciling love.

The Gospel (John 20:19-23) associates the gift of the Spirit more closely with the resurrection. On Easter Sunday evening the risen Lord breathes out upon his disciples the Spirit that will empower them to take up the mission he has received from the Father. They are to pass on the reconciliation (‘whose sins you shall forgive …’) that he, as Lamb of God (1:29), has brought into the world.


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