Jose De Piro String Chamber Orchestra

This time last year we were honoured to have with us 36 young people from the Jose De Piro Orchestra—Bataan Philippines, accompanied with Fr Joe Cremona mssp and conductor Maestro Felicito Sacdalan. These young people were hosted by members of our Parish.

They had created some strong bonds in their brief time of two weeks with us.

After the death of Lina Palmer, members of the Orchestra being hosted by Terese, Natasha and Lina wrote the following which was read at her funeral:

Nana [Lina] was my favourite lola. When we stayed at her house I felt a bit sad because there were no kids except our sweet Natasha. Then I met nana. It turns out nana was a kid too. She was sweet, cheerful and very excited to see us. Every morning she made hot choco for us. Giving us chocolates and stuffs. She really spoiled us. I hoped that I could see her again but we all know she is in God’s hands now. Condolences to Tita Terese, Natasha and to her family. May she Rest In Peace. We miss you and we love you nana. You will be forever in our hearts. Love, Royette

Dear Nana, it’s been a year since we flew all the way from Philippines to Australia. We were very lucky that you and your family let us stay in your house for 2 weeks without hesitation. It was just 2 weeks but you gave us your trust, you even treated us like your grandchildren. It was just two weeks but it’s enough to prove that you loved us by showing your care. You washed our clothes, you cooked for us and you always cared for us. It’s the little things, the small happy things, everyday occurrences that we’ll remember. The laughs, the stories, the smiles. These are very happy memories that will help your family push the pain away and bring back the smiles. We are very lucky to have met a person like you. Nana, you brought so many happy moments in our life and left us with a treasure trove of memories. We will never be able to forget you. We are praying for your family in this difficult time. May your soul rest in peace. We love you Nana. Love, James Ron Luzano

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We would like to express our gratitude to all our benefactors who supported us in this wonderful experience we had in Australia. Thanks to Fr. Jude, Dr. Andrew Watson and his team, Members of MSSP in Australia and in the Philippines, to our dear host parents and all the Parishioners.

We would also like to thank Thomas Carr College, Tarneit, Trinity College, Colac, Caroline Chisolm Catholic College, Braybrook and Our Lady of Mercy College, Heidelberg for organizing memorable professional concerts where we could show our talents.

We thank you all for giving us a very warm welcome and a truly unforgettable opportunity. Who would have thought that one day our orchestra would be in Australia? You made us achieve one of our dreams. Thank you for appreciating our talents. We really enjoyed playing music with you.

We also thank the person behind this amazing project Fr. Joseph Cremona mssp, who is always there for us and who never stopped supporting us. We thank God for giving us such a great person with a wonderful heart. Without him, this experience would have never been possible.

We will surely treasure this experience which helps us grow and develop more. This is also an eye opener for us motivating us to take the project more seriously and with greater commitment.

Words are not enough but allow us to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! MABUHAY!

Jose De Piro Youth Orchestra


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The Jose De Piro Kabataan (youth) orchestra began five years ago in the parish of St Catherine of Alexandria, under the pastoral care of the MSSP, in the poor village of Pagalanggang, in Dinalupihan, Bataan Province in the Philippines. The aim of this orchestra is to empower these young people giving them a skill they can use to better their life. Thirty-four members of this orchestra, together with their conductor and the parish priest are doing a ten day concert tour in Tarneit, Braybook, Heidelberg and Colac. The concerts are free, donations to support the orchestra are welcome. Some members of this orchestra are being sponsored to continue their studies at tertiary level in a university in Manila.

Please pray for the Jose De Piro Orchestra consisting of 34 young people joining us for 10 days starting from this Saturday 08th June. May this be an enriching and inspiring time for all. This is a marvellous opportunity of grace as we reveal and embrace the human face of our Christ in hospitality and love.

Thank you to the Host Families and all who have made this event possible.

You can meet the Orchestra as they attend Mass at St James on Sun 09 Jun at the 5:00pm Mass or at one of their concerts.

To book a free seat at their concert, please visit the following sites (please note, should the Tarneit Venue be fully booked, please try one of the other venues):


Thomas Carr College, Tarneit :
Caroline Chisolm College, Braybrook :
Our Lady of Mercy College, Heidelberg:
Trinity College, Colac :


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The Jose De Piro Kabataan Orchestra is a talented youth orchestra from Bataan, Philippines founded by Fr Joe Cremona MSSP and will be performing a series of concerts. This free concert will showcase the youth from the MSSP’s Mission in Bataan, a rural section of the Philippines where the MSSP work to provide skills, education and pathways to further learning to this community.

You can book your tickets online here.


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We are seeking an Expression of Interest from families in the Parish who would be interested in hosting two young people (ages 13-20) from the Jose De Piro Orchestra, Bataan, Philippines, who will be arriving in early June for a period of just under two weeks.

These young people are coming to Australia to firstly tahnk all who have supported them through prayer and sponsorship, and also to showcase what the work and support of the mssp’s have had on them and on their families in their rural area. We are looking for at least 15 families in the Parish to provide this homestay opportunity.

If you are interested or would like more information about this program, could you please place your name and contact number on the sheet provided in the Narthex, or by contacting the Parish Office on 9748 6800 or email [email protected] by Fri 01 Mar.


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Thank you to the Wyndham Catholic Women’s League for a very successful fundraiser event during the week. Thank you to Thomas Carr College for providing the venue for the event and to the Thomas Carr Parents and Friends Committee for assisting and serving on the day. To Michael Lapina and the students of Thomas Carr College for providing the entertainment. Special thanks to all those who attended and supported this fundraiser.

It is through all of your generosity that the CWL were able to raise $1320 which they donated towards the Jose De Piro Orchestra Bataan Appeal. Thank you.


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