Paulist Prayer of Commitment

Paulist Prayer of Commitment

Tonight we rejoice as the Young Paulist Core Team as we take on another

year of Missionary Service.  We give thanks to God for this ministry.


As we continue to be drawn to the warmth of the Paulist spirituality, we

commit ourselves to continue to be builders of bridges and create a

community where other young adults may find purpose and meaning in their

lives. As we do this, may we be open to the Holy Spirit so that, like St. Paul,

we may allow our hidden selves to grow strong in knowing Christ more

intimately and journeying in our Catholic faith.


We commit ourselves to serving our Parish communities by reaching out to

young adults in a caring, loving and welcoming spirit to embody the Paulist

ideals in our daily lives and to include people from diverse walks of life into

our communities.


God of mission grant us your blessing as we embrace our ministry of bringing

the Good News of Jesus Christ to those most in need.  We pray for all in the

Paulist family through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

St James The Apostle