Knights of The Southern Cross

The Order of the Knights of the Southern Cross is a national organisation of Catholic laymen who operate with the support of the Australian Bishops. Autonomous Branches of the Order operate in each Australian State. The Order is guided by the Catholic faith and the cardinal and chivalrous virtues of prudence, faith, justice, fortitude and temperance in all its charitable works. It strives to serve the wider community and support those in need.

At Hoppers Crossing North, we meet monthly (Feb-Nov) and have assisted the Parish of St James in a number of ways, including but not limited to the Parish Fete, BBQs and tea and coffee after mass, Car-park attendants, etc.

Our Branch at Hoppers Crossing North was inaugurated on 25th June, 2018 where 6 new members from the Parish were inducted to join an existing 3 members.

The Brothers are currently working on new and exciting plans to bring people together and fundraise.

To learn more about the Knights, or if you would like to join, please contact the Branch Chairman (Jared) or Branch Secretary (Binoy) via the Parish Office.

KSC Australia website

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