Parish Boundaries

Parish Boundaries

March 6, 2019

St James Parish Boundary

To ensure that everyone who wants to participate in the life of the Catholic Community can do so with freedom, the Church divides all territories into parishes. St James is responsible for the territory bound by this boundary as described below. People outside parish boundaries can still share in the life of the Catholic Community at St James. All are welcome to join.
The following description is provided by the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Boundaries run along the centre line except for the southern boundary which includes both sides of the streets:
From the corner of Hogans Road and Tarneit Road north to Boundary Road. East to Palmers Road, then south along Palmers Road to Sayers Road.
West along Sayers Road to Wetlands Boulevard, then south along Wetlands Boulevard to the Melbourne Water Outfall Sewer Reserve and south west along this Reserve until Skeleton Creek.
West along Skeleton Creek to the intersection of the Drainage & Reserve.
West along the reserve to Pannam Drive to Mossfiel Drive, then north to Cameron Drive to Derrimut Road, then north to Hogans Road.
West along Hogans Road to Tarneit Road.
The Parish is shown in the map below with a thick grey border.

The areas of the three primary schools: blue area – St James PS, yellow area – St Francis of Assisi PS, green area – St Clare PS.

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