Youth Ministry

St James the Apostle Parish places a large emphasis upon the needs of everyone in our community including our Youth and Young Adults.

St James provides spaces where we can come to encounter our God with other young people our age and discover our place in the parish community.

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Past Activities

Term 2 School Holidays had a lot of great things happen within it. We kicked off the start of the Holidays with a Car Rally throughout Hoppers Crossing and the surrounding suburbs on Sun 30 Jun. 6 car loads of young people left St Francis Primary car park with sheets, pictures of signs and maps in hand in order to solve clues, decide which venues to visit and figure out directions. The teams got a chance to let their creative juices fly making up songs, jingles, team names and mottos while driving between destinations. Congratulations to Jess, Kerry and Julie for collecting the most points in the Car Rally. Special thanks to all the drivers who were Youth Leaders and parents of the youth that came along.

We then had some time to spend in front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at Adoration on Fri 05 Jul with the rest of the Parish Community. Our music ministry got together and provided songs for the Mass along with reflective music and songs that moved the heart for the time of Adoration. Special thanks to Chloe who shared with the community her experience as a young person of Adoration and how it has moved her.

Finally, for three days in a row our youth helped out the Missionaries of Charity at their Home of Mercy, a place that seeks to provide food and a place to provide momentary rest to the homeless men of Melbourne. Here is what one of our youth had to say about it:

Last Tuesday I was given the opportunity to help at a soup kitchen in Fitzroy, serving food to the homeless. I was very anxious throughout the night. I felt out-of-place, I felt like I wasn’t in my body watching all these events unfold and I didn’t know what to do. The moment I felt able to relax was when we all gathered for prayer together. During that moment there were no differences between myself and the men that had come to receive the food because we were all men of God. I was left in awe. I feel like this experience has made me more humble.

Dave, Yr 10 Student

From everyone here at St James, we hope that you too had a blessed holiday time, filled with fun with friends, time out with Jesus and experiences that left you in awe and humble.

Have a blessed one,

Red Lusterio
St James Youth Ministry Coordinator

St James The Apostle