First Reconciliation – Lesson 2

Parents – these lessons are designed to initiate discussion.  Please sit with your child and complete them together.

Lesson Two – Choices in my life

Q1:  Choose a colour that you like.

Q2:  Choose something you like to eat.

Q3:  Choose where you would most like to pray.

Q4:  Choose where you would most like to pray.


God has given you the freedom to make choices.  Jesus also had the freedom to make choices.

Watch the following video:

Q5:  What was the choice that Jesus made in this story?


Our choices affect other people.  Watch the following video:

Q6: In this story, what choices did the Priest, the Levite and the Samaritan make?  How did their choices affect the man lying on the road?


Q7:  Think of one choice that you have made that has helped another person?

Q8:  Can you think of a time when a choice that you made hurt another person?


All of us make bad choices but if we take the time to pray and listen to Jesus, he can help us to make good choices.

Watch the following video:

Q9:  How did spending time with Jesus affect the choices that he made?

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