Young Paulists

The Young Paulists were established to encourage all those 18 years and over to come together and embrace the gospel invitation to missionary service.

Inspired by the charism and work of the Paulist Missionaries (MSSP), the Young Paulist group aims to provide social justice and outreach opportunities, and spiritual and religious support to young adults within a safe environment. The Young Paulists are invited to come together to share their experiences, be supported by people who share the same outlook and direction, and offer support to other young adults. This community of young adults meet for a variety of activities to promote friendship, discover one’s faith, and give back to the community. Events include:

  • Christian education (guest speakers, faith sharing activities)
  • Service and leadership opportunities (involvement in community service outreach activities)
  • Mission immersion trips (providing the opportunity to visit, live and work in Paulist communities in the Philippines)


Click here to download the Young Paulist Commitment


Recent Young Paulists Activity:

22/23 Apr 2017: – Young Paulists Retreat

On the weekend of 22/23 Apr, our Parish’s Young Paulists went on a retreat facilitated by Fr Jude, Fr Ivan and Geralyn. Thank you to everyone who kept them in your prayers. This is what some of them had to say about the experience:

The Young Paulist retreat presented an opportunity to take a break from the busyness of everyday life and really connect with the Word of God without distraction. The retreat also furthered my understanding of the works of Paulist Missionaries and the purpose of the MSSP. Overall, it was an experience that enriched both my relationship with the Risen Lord and with fellow Young Paulists.—Diane Sia

On the 22nd and 23rd of April, I was invited by Father Jude to participate in a weekend retreat to deepen our relationship with other members of the parish and our God. We arrived at Lady Northcote Recreation Camp and got straight into getting to know each other and the activities relating to the Risen Lord and how he has been a part of anything we do in our daily lives. It was a weekend where I was able to reflect on the times where I ‘met’ God and allowed myself to be guided by Father Jude, Geralyn and Father Ivan to continue to look for God in times of need and to be grateful to Him.—Thomas Sia

The experience was enriching being able to listen and share our encounters with Christ with like minded young adults from our community. Having experienced this retreat has been an affirmation of my own faith knowing that we all encounter Christ in our own special way. Thanks to Fr Jude, Fr Ivano and Geralyn for leading us in our reflections.—Justin Gatt

“I felt refreshed both in body and mind after the weekend. At first I didn’t know what to expect but at the end, the experience  was well worth it. The number of participants was reasonable thereby giving everyone the opportunity to reach out and be heard. The timing of the retreat seemed perfect in the sense that were are celebrating the risen Lord, and this takes me to the bible story used for  the weekend “The road to Emmaus” and how this story fits in our individual lives and how it also relates to the Paulist  Missionaries. Finally was the Eucharistic celebration which I found to be like the early Christians, with everyone sitting around and breaking bread together. Overall, I felt that I reached out to many people, listening to their stories and what the risen Lord means to each and everyone of us and also a call to engage within and outside our parish community. Thanks Frs Jude & Ivano, Geralyn, Dylan and everyone one else for this wonderful opportunity”.—Patrick Ekweanua

The Young Paulist retreat was a great opportunity to stop and reflect on our faith journey. Along with other Young Paulist Core Team Leaders, Mission 17, Youth Leaders and young adults from our St James parish community, we explored and meditated on our own ‘Road to Emmaus’. With Fr Jude, Fr Ivano and Geralyn as our faith facilitators, we were able to reflect, laugh, share, sing, break bread and pray together. Over the 2 days, we explored our faith journey so far, the impact of Jesus in our lives and to consider what God wants us to do now. After this weekend, I feel renewed and refuelled to take on another year of ministry with the Young Paulists.—Sheryn Mallillin-Gatt

Reflections from a Young Paulist…

I have been a parishioner at St James for the last ten years of my life. I have actively participated in the parish, first as an altar server as a young boy and later as a part of the youth group. Since then I have been an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and a Proclaimer of the Word as well as a Parish Council member and part of the core team of the Young Paulists.

My first interaction with the Paulists was through Fr Jude and the warmth and energetic characteristics he brings with him. I have later identified these characteristics with other Paulist members through my travels in the Philippines which has given me an opportunity to really understand what it means to be involved with the Paulist order.

My experience of the Paulist’s are much more than a group of priests, they are a worldwide family who ensure that the message of Christ is heard, through love and care. I am proud to say that I am a part of this family who support each other and this is the reason the Young Paulists have been established. We live out the St James’ message of ‘come as you are’ through the Paulist characteristics.

Dylan, Young Paulists.




Spiritual Director Paul Spence spoke at the Young Paulists’ Event on Wednesday night, addressing the question: “How do we find time for God in the busyness of our daily lives?” Although his presentation developed more questions than answers, one thing was clear: that God is within the busyness. God is within those people we cross paths with each day but do not talk to. God is within our personal experiences. God is on the road we are travelling on or will travel on. We often think we need to stop and sit in silence to be in the presence of God, but where we really find God is within ourselves and as well as others. Paul highlighted the importance of asking the simple question: “How are you?” Not just asking it, but actively listening to the answer. It is in our actions and our ability to listen to and/or support others that we find God.


Read event attendee Chris’ summary of the impact of the question “How are you?

“How are you?”
 Is a question we ask people we know several times a day and in different ways: ‘How ya going?’ ‘What’s up?’ 
’What do you know?’ And so on…
What do we mean when we ask it? 
Do we really want know? Are we really interested in their wellbeing? Or is it just another way of saying 
”Hi,” at St James the Young Paulists gave us the opportunity to ponder on this. I thought back a couple of years ago when Giulio was seriously ill, the many cards, messages, phone calls and then one particular phone call I answered and proceeded to say, (without really listening to the question) that Giulio was doing much better and that in a week he would be coming home from hospital… 
I was then interrupted and the man at the other end said: “Oh that’s great! But how are YOU in all this?” Well his question just floored me! I was not able to answer, I just cried. 
Since that call I make sure that I stick around to hear the answer… We live in such a busy world and it is so easy to miss the opportunity of helping someone in need of maybe… just some reassurance.
 Thank you! 


Reflections by some members who took part in Mission 15 Immersion Experience in the Philippines in January 2015

St James The Apostle