First Eucharist – Lesson 1

Parents – these lessons are designed to initiate discussion.  Please sit with your child and complete them together.

Lesson One – Belonging to God’s Family

Q1:  Think about the various groups you belong to, for example family, ethnic group, class, school, parish, sport club. Choose one of these groups.  What responsibilities do you have as a group member?


You belong to a special group, the Catholic Church. From the day of our baptism we became members of this community. For most of us, our parents asked for us to be baptised as very young children, and the community welcomed us into the Church family. Our family and friends gathered to celebrate our becoming a member.


Q2:  Ask your parent to tell you why they decided to have you baptised.  Write down what they say.


Q3:  Ask your parent to tell you about your Baptism Day and write a few sentences about what they remember. Was is a celebration for your family?


Q4: What are some of your responsibilities as a member of God’s family, the Catholic community?


Q5: Your First Eucharist will also be a celebration for your family.  Ask your parents why they want to celebrate your First Eucharist and write down what they say.


Q6:  Did you know that every time we go to Mass it is a celebration?  We celebrate God’s love for us.  What is your favourite part of the Mass?  What is your parent’s favourite part?