St James Feast Day Celebration – Reflections


St James Feast Day Celebration – Reflections

Last weekend on 24/25 July, our Parish celebrated the Feast Day of our Patron Saint, St James the Greater.  Like last year, our celebrations were more subdued than previous years, but were no less meaningful.

Here were some thoughts on the celebration:


A Reflection from those who joined us online:

Covid lockdowns have provided an opportunity for many people of faith to tune in to week-end Mass at a parish other than their own. Today Michael and I decided to attend Mass at St James on YouTube, looking for the comfort of a pastoral leader in Fr Jude and revisiting the western suburbs.

What a treat to find you celebrating your parish feast day of St James. The readings about James and his brother John leaving their fishing business to follow Jesus were so pertinent as I have been doing an Alpha program and thinking so much about discipleship these past few weeks. So I smiled when I heard that St James parish is also embarking on an Alpha program.

But I write mainly to tell you how much we enjoyed and appreciated your presentation on St James the Apostle Parish as a true Christian Community. Some of our old friends from Werribee have been parishioners there for a long time and I know how strongly connected they feel. You expressed so beautifully the importance of looking out for one another, especially in these challenging times, and of everyone pitching in to make things happen. Then you hit on a key point –  sometimes conflict arises in large, lively communities and occasionally people brush up against each other but forgiveness leads to new growth and stronger relationships. It is at the heart of the gospel and even amongst Jesus’ disciples there needed to be give and take.

You painted a lovely word picture of what would have been taking place at St James this week-end were it not for Covid restrictions – the music, young people, food in the parish centre. You are blessed to live in such a wonderful parish …. made all the more so by your faithful and energetic leadership of the Parish Council.

Thank you for making our Sunday special,

Judy and Michael Cain


St Clare’s Primary School Reflects:

Dear Fr Jude and team,

Thanks for the celebration of Mass being live streamed on Saturday night.

At St Clare’s Primary School last Friday we asked students to share what they liked about being a part of the Parish of St James.

Here are some of the students responses:

– The Priests are kind, funny, helpful, understandable, always willing to say hello, really nice;
– We love that we can come to Mass online in lockdown;
– That love and care is shown to all at our parish;
– The church is a wonderful space to be in God’s presence;
– We love that the school and parish work together;
– It is great that the priests take the time to visit us at school;

St Clare’s is truly blessed to be a part of such a vibrant parish. Have a great week.

Stay awesome!

Religious Education Leader.


St James The Apostle