Official Blessing of St James Church

Official Blessing of St James Church

Please note the new and updated
time for this event.

There will be a special Mass on Sunday 18 April at 3pm for the Official Blessing of our newly renovated church. Due to COVID restrictions limiting the number of people allowed in the church, a Ballot will be drawn to determine who can attend within the church. Successful parties will still need to find their own seats within the church according to their group size on a first come first served basis like any other Sunday Mass.

People unsuccessful in the Ballot and those who did not register will be able to book places for either:

  • Standing room outside on the northern side of the church; or
  • seating in the Paulist Centre where Mass will be livestreamed onto the big screens

Ballot Registration

To register for the Ballot, book through the regular weekly link for Masses (preferred method) or alternatively, leave your details on the Ballot Registration Sheet after Mass. You must provide the name of each person requiring a seat. Details from your Ballot Registration will also be used as a record for COVID contact tracing purposes.

Parishioners can only register once either on the Registration Sheet or online.  Please do not register on both systems.

Any person allocated a seat in the Ballot who cannot attend is requested to notify the Parish Office so their seat(s) can be redrawn and allocated to someone else who registered.

Ballot closes 8:00pm Sunday 4 April (Easter Sunday).


St James The Apostle