Advent Angels – Thank You

Advent Angels – Thank You

Thank you to all who supported this year’s Advent Angel Project. A total of $4408 was raised and donated towards MSSP’s outreach programs in the Philippines, Pakistan, Peru, Cuba and Vietnam. Special thanks to Angel Hartanto & Amanda Brown, those who donated materials and those who helped with sales. Happy Christmas from the Advent Angels Team.


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Fr Jude’s Christmas Message

Dear Parish Family and friends of St James,

I think of all of you and your loved ones as we celebrate Christmas. Our hearts are filled with awe as we contemplate the birth of this fragile baby. God chose to come among us sharing our human flesh. In the poverty of the manger of Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph present their child to the Shepherds and hold him out to us to cradle. So come let us adore him!

As we reflect upon this year we remember those many thousands of people whose lives have been so affected by the devastating floods. Many will not be in their homes this year and have lost so much. But we were inspired by the witnesses of so many generous people who went to rescue those in need, to provide shelter for the cold and homeless, to feed the hungry and who continue to care for people at this time.

Seeing communities supporting one another reminds us of the goodness which truly exists and surrounds us. We see people at their very best at times of crisis.

Sadly there are many others across the world whose lives are currently affected by turmoil, poverty and the violence of war they did not choose. The loss of so many innocent people is tragic and the horrors which have been inflicted upon them are shocking.

We pray for the work of nations to seek the way of peace and the many agencies that offer solace and comfort.

For some of you, there will be an empty chair as you gather this season, as is the case of my own family with the death of my sister and brother in law.

May you share your memories of your loved ones with the hopes and promise of the child of Bethlehem.

Wherever we are this Christmas, God meets us in Emmanuel. He holds us and carries us. He is born for us.  All we need to do is to open the wrapping of our hearts to see the greatest gift of all: Jesus born for us that we might live!

On behalf of Fr Silvio, Fr Brendan, Dcn Royden, the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Office Staff, I wish you all a very peaceful, joyful and every blessing for Christmas and for 2023.

Fr Jude Pirotta mssp
Parish Priest


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Dear Parishioners,

This Sunday we celebrate the Third Sunday in Advent. Our immediate preparation for the celebration of the First Coming of Our Lord and Saviour is almost over. Yet, we are constantly reminded of the need to prepare ourselves for the Lord’s Second Coming and for living day by day his Third Coming. The Lord comes every day in our life, and we need to be awake and aware of his presence.

In this Sunday’s gospel we encounter John the Baptist who is questioning whether Jesus was the one who had been promised since the Old Testament. In last Sunday’s gospel reading we met John who proclaimed a God who is coming to cleanse the thrashing floor, forcefully removing the evil in this world. The God that Jesus is proclaiming is a merciful, loving God who reaches out to and befriends the sinner. Jesus will cleanse his thrashing floor, not by destroying the sinner, but by calling him to follow closer. In his life, Joseph De Piro was a living image of the great love and mercy of God. He served those who were in need and reached out to the poor and the needy. Joseph was an image of the God who, in Christ, came, not to be served, but to serve.

Fr Mario Zammit mssp.


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Ushers for Christmas

If you have previously served as an Usher at St James, we are seeking your assistance over the busy Christmas period to assist all those who attend to feel welcomed, find their seats and receive help as needed. Please use the Form in the Narthex to indicate which Mass(es) you can assist at.


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