Easter Triduum Reflection from RCIA Candidate 2023

Celebrating the Easter Triduum, I had mixed feelings of sadness, excitement, joy and love. I enjoyed every reading and hymn throughout the Triduum, and was able to experience just a little of what Jesus went through, and that brought sadness to me as I felt his humiliation, suffering and death.

As I stood in front of the Easter fire and witnessed the lighting of the Paschal Candle, entering the church in darkness, then the lights coming on, it was an amazing feeling. I realised without light, we cannot see. I recognised my need for salvation and for the light of God.

Receiving the body and blood of Christ through the Eucharist, Christ entered my life and I felt complete – finally!

For me it was more than Jesus rising from the dead. God has invited me to mission – as a follower of Christ and into my Catholic Church.

And I accepted.

Sharleen Augustine

RCIA Candidate 2023.


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Over last few years because of all that has been happening in the institutional church, faith and church has been challenged within me and I stopped going.

Then I found St James Church, and coming to St James Easter services has given me a renewed sense of community, faith and hope. For me it started at the Good Friday Service. Seeing the cross pass over the heads of the community brought me to tears, to touch, to raise my hand and reach up, and be part of others doing the same, gave a true sense of community and the power of God’s love and forgiveness. I thank St James community for giving my faith new life, and saying to me to stay on the journey.

Kind Regards, Julie


I am a new parishioner and this year was my first Holy Week experience within St James Parish.

There was no doubt that there was a lot of planning, time, love & energy done from Father Jude, Father Silvio and all the ministries involved during the Holy week.

During the masses, I was amazed how everybody involved, brilliantly knew what to do.

I am so grateful to the Lord,  to be part in such a vibrant and spiritual community where I get to remember & encounter Jesus as he makes me understand “The love HE has for me ” and why “HE has given up his life for me”.

I want to say thank you very much and may our good Lord in heaven bless each and every one of you and all St James parishioners and their families.

With deepest gratitude & warmest regards, Sindhy.


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Beatrice, Parishioner and Parish Council Member, reflects on her experience of Easter at St James. Regarding the Good Friday Passion Play, she writes:

I just wanted to say the Passion Play had a great impact this year. There were people shedding tears. There was no escaping from the piercing images and words.  All of us could see and hear the full stations without interruptions which allowed a more touching experience.

We would like to hear about your experiences of the Easter period at St James, including any time from Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. If you would like to share your experience, please email the Parish Office by this Wed 19 Apr at


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