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Congratulations to the recipients of the Joseph De Piro Award for 2020:

Rachael Glowacki—St James Primary
Grace Choate—St Francis Primary
Rhys Are—St Clare’s Primary

Thank you to the MSSP for their generosity and support. The Scholarship is for $1500 each and will be used for the continuation of their Catholic education at Thomas Carr College.

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MSSP Remember Their Departed

On the first Friday after the 2nd of November, every MSSP House celebrated the Eucharist in memory of our deceased brothers and sisters for all our missionaries and the many lay people who have supported MSSP Charism throughout the years. May the spirit of the Lord Jesus be our source of mission and may we be accompanied by the myriads of witnesses who came before us, some of whom we shared our lives with.

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On the 17th of September we celebrated the passage from this life to the eternal one of our Founder Joseph De Piro. It is one of the seven important dates that we as MSSP celebrate during the year. This particular day is a direct reminder of our Founder, his life given for others and his immense love for the poor.

The MSSP has received an enormous gift in the figure of the Founder, a compass for drawing up an evangelical map for all those, religious and lay, who are inspired by him, by his example, by his word, by his missionary zeal, by his life of faith, hope and charity. With the conviction that all this is a sign of the work of God in the Founder, who allowed himself to be moulded by the spirit of St Paul, becoming an effective means or the good and sanctification of others, the Church has accepted years ago, to start the process for the beatification and canonization of the Servant of God.

I am grateful and honoured to have the opportunity to continue this tradition and serve and help in this mission of the cause of De Piro’s beatification, hoping that soon, with the help of everyone, we could share De Piro’s vocation to holiness and true service of the Gospel with local Churches where his Society is making roots and beyond.
May the Virgin Mary assumed in heaven, fill our hearts with the blessings of God.

Rome, 10 of September 2020
Fr Josef Sciberras OSA
Postulator Generalis


Fr Josef also acknowledges the invaluable and incalculable work over many years of Fr Tony Sciberras MSSP and Fr Mario Zammit MSSP in this process of canonization.

Please continue to pray for both religious and lay mssp members and for the cause of the beatification of Joseph De Piro.

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On the 30th June 2020, the MSSP celebrated the 110th Anniversary since its Foundation. Joseph De Piro the Founder opened the first house and welcomed the first MSSP Community in 1910.

The House was a stone’s throw away from the palace he was born and raised in, and was another sign of De Piro’s shunning of material wealth to devote himself to missionary activity and the care of those most in need.

Humble beginnings indeed for the germinating society. Since then the Society has come a long way. The Missionary charism of the Society has been shared with and welcomed by many lay people, so that we can now truly say that the humble beginnings of 1910 are taking root and bearing fruit in many countries. The celebration of the Foundation Day, including a global online meeting of lay and religious members gave us the opportunity to thank God for His care and faithfulness and to recommit ourselves to the Missionary Charism.

Frs Jude, Silvio and Mario are grateful to the many parishioners and friends that extended their prayers, appreciation and good wishes on the occasion of our Foundation Day.

Here are some words of support and encouragement from around the world:

Happy Feast Day.  My prayers and thoughts are with you, your brothers and your extended communities in: Philippines, Peru, Pakistan, Malta, Canada, Italy, Cuba and here in Australia.  My life and faith has been influenced by many religious orders, societies and diocesan priests over the past 65 plus years but in the last fifteen years I have become very attached to the Missionary Society of St Paul, particularly at St James the Apostle Parish, North Hoppers Crossing. The charism established by your founder, Joseph De Piro, demonstrates a genuine understanding and commitment to the Gospel. My faith has been nourished by this charism, which demonstrates a love and commitment to all people without exception.
May God bless you and your work throughout the world.
Your brother in Christ, Peter

Happy Foundation Day MSSP! In celebration, all 13th street children made a thanksgiving letter during Catechism offer to MSSP Community and all benefactors to extend deepest gratitude and to show self-giving love to the Lord. Thank you Lord for giving MSSP to us, Thank you Joseph De Piro, Servant of God. We continue to pray for them to serve God and people wholeheartedly. To God be the Glory!
Joseph Clarin Lucero

Happy Anniversary Padres! I tuned into the mass from Manila tonight ( I know I’m getting holier by the day) and thought of you two special guys when I joined with the congregation saying this prayer. Thank the Lord for showing me the MSSP way!

To listen to Fr Mark Grima, Superior General of the MSSPs reflection on the Foundation Day, CLICK HERE:

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This weekend, Fr Mario Zammit mssp, who has served at St John’s Parish, Hedelberg for seven years, farewells his community.

Fr Mario will join the St James Parish Community until later this year as he prepares for his next mission in the Philippines.

We welcome him and let us keep Fr Mario in our prayers during this time of transition.

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St James The Apostle