First Eucharist – Lesson 4

Parents – these lessons are designed to initiate discussion.  Please sit with your child and complete them together.

Lesson Four – The Liturgy of the Word

When you next go to Mass, look for the four key moments. Every Mass has the same ‘order’ or way of progressing and we call it the Order of Mass. When we notice the Order and the four key moments we will see that at Mass we ‘gather’, we ‘listen’, we ‘give thanks’ and we ‘go out’. Last week we looked at how we ‘gather’, by looking at the Introductory Rites of the Mass. Today we will look at how we ‘listen’.

Q1:  During the Liturgy of the Word, we read from a very special book that actually holds a collection of 73 special books.  What is this collection of books called?


Please watch the following video about the parts of the bible and answer the questions below:


Q2:  The Old Testament can be divided into four parts.  Can you fill in the missing words to describe each of these parts?


  1. The Five Books of ______________________________.
  2. __________________________ Books.
  3. The Wisdom Literature – which contains 7 books including the longest book of the bible, called The Book of _____________________________.
  4. The ___________________________.


Q3:  The New Testament can also be divided into four parts.  Can you fill in the missing words to describe each of these parts?


  1. The Four _____________________________.
  2. The Acts of the _________________________________.
  3. The ___________________________________ (another word for letters).
  4. The Book of ______________________________________________.


At every Catholic Sunday Mass, anywhere in the world, the following 7 things will happen during the liturgy of the word:


  1. First Reading – Usually from The Old Testament, except during Easter and other special occasions.
  2. Responsorial Psalm – from The Book of Psalms
  3. Second Reading – From The New Testament, usually from one of the Epistles (or letters). This reading is usually left out of daily Mass or other occasions.
  4. Gospel reading – From one of the four Gospels
  5. Homily
  6. Profession of Faith
  7. General Intercessions


Please go to the following website for this Sunday’s Mass readings and use it to answer the following questions:


Q4:  What book is the First Reading from this Sunday?


Q5:  When the Responsorial Psalm is read or sung, which part do we read or sing? (Hint: it is the part in italics)


Q6:  What book is the Second Reading from?


Q7:  Which Gospel is the Gospel Reading from?


Q8:  After the readings, the Priest or Deacon gives a Homily to help us to better understand the readings and give us ideas of how we can relate them to our lives today.  Could you see anything in the readings for this Sunday that could help you in your life?  You might need your parent to help you because sometimes the readings can be quite difficult to understand.


Q9:  After listening to God’s Word, we respond by telling God what we believe in the Profession of Faith.  We usually do this by reciting the Nicene Creed or the Apostle’s Creed.  Watch the following video and listen to the Apostle’s Creed:



Why do you think the Apostles wrote down a Creed for us?


Q10:  In the General Intercessions we pray for the things that are important to our Parish.  There is usually a time of silence for you to pray for the things that are important to you.  What is something that you might pray for the next time you are at Mass?