Message from Fr Jude – Ascension Sunday


Message from Fr Jude – Ascension Sunday

Dear Parishioners and friends,

During the last couple of months, much of what we would consider ‘essential’ to a Parish Community has been stripped away. So much of how we habitually express our faith and our relationship with Jesus has changed. Yet these have been weeks of unprecedented innovation, vibrancy and commitment to reaching out into our communities.

This weekend as we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension, Jesus underlines the need for trust and acceptance in the face of radical change. He talked about going away, returning to the Father and preparing a place for his friends. His talk about dying grieved his disciples; if they had their way they would make him stay. But he urges them to be glad, since he is going to the Father.

We too can find joy in his going, because in his risen life he can do much more for us than if he simply stayed on here. In going to the Father, Jesus opens up eternal life for all who trust in him. Only by going away could he send the Holy Spirit. So his going brought a blessing to us all.

Sometimes the best way to show our love for others, as hard as it is, is to let them go, not trying to hold them with us but letting them go to whatever God has planned for them.

Over the years since the Ascension and the Great Commission entrusted to the disciples and to us to bring the Good News of God’s love to the ends of the earth is very evident. We are commissioned to share the Good News by the way we live, love and relate to others.

Here in the Parish of St James and also through our mssp Global Missionary outreach, we see so many ways we are trying to communicate this message during this COVID-19 period which are:

  • Delivering groceries and medicines
  • Dropping off Parish Bulletins for people unable to manage the internet
  • Making care calls
  • Ministering to families and our youth as they experience long hours at home.
  • Setting up online faith sharing
  • Communicating to our youth and young adults

So you can see that the power of the Holy Spirit is very much at work through many people in our community. Jesus has passed on the baton to us to communicate the Good News to others in words and actions.

Thank you to the many volunteers who have assisted in this mission especially to Deacon Royden for being innovative and assisting with the many hands on ministries to the community.

May I take this opportunity to wish Fr Silvio a happy birthday and ask you to keep him in your prayers. We look forward to seeing you at our celebration of Pentecost next weekend.

On behalf of Fr Silvio, Fr Brendan , Dcn Royden, the Parish Council and the Parish Staff, a Happy Ascension Day to you all!

Fr Jude Pirotta mssp