Child Protection Sunday

Child Protection Sunday

This weekend, the Catholic Church in Australia marks Child Protection Sunday, on which we pray for those who have been abused, their families and supporters. We recognise the harm done by priests, religious and lay people in Church settings. We recommit to practices that support survivors and make the Catholic Church and its ministries the safest possible place for children and vulnerable adults. You can find out more about the Church’s work in this area at:

A Prayer for Stronger Communities, Safer Children:

Gracious God, you said “Let the children come to me”.

The hurt felt by those wounded by abuse weighs heavily upon us. Trust has been eroded when institutions failed to appropriately respond to their needs. Lord, we as your Church stand in need of your healing and help.

We ask you, God, to strengthen and guide all in our Catholic communities. Grant us wisdom in our time to make decisions that protect children and the vulnerable.

May our families and communities, through love, generosity, commitment and patience, build stronger communities safe for children.

Let your grace and love fall gently upon our children giving them the inner strength, peace and resilience they will need for their life’s journey.

We ask you, God, to help our Catholic communities to be resolute in building a community where our children flourish and are safe. Amen